Why I do this….

I get asked so often why I am doing this, not my work, but why am I doing this blog.

Why am I spending my time writing, helping, advising, campaigning and tolerating the negativity I get.

I am doing this for so many reasons.

Not to be too self involved, but it’s super rewarding to help someone, to get the compliments that I am inspiring. The positive reinforcement is soul warming.

I have a lot of information. I am a compulsive researcher and I am experienced. Have the knowledge so I am willing to share it!

I am hoping that by sharing my stories, the politics, the day to day struggles as well as the amazing parts of my life that people can see why we need decriminalisation. That the stigma may be slightly reduced by what I am doing.

I am not doing this to get work. I am not doing this to inspire people to become sex workers. I am not doing this for fame. I am doing this as it makes me happy.