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Q& A

1 The legalities. Is it legal in Australia? What do you put down as 'occupation'? How does tax work? What a complex question. I have done a blog on this you can check that out HERE. For tax information it’s best to chat to your accountant, or your local sex worker organisation. I personally declare… Continue reading Q& A

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Learning to Love Me

So let’s talk body image…. Well, my body image anyway. I haven’t always been a curvy girl. I was a stick thin kid. Then i hit puberty and overnight i went from a kids size 12 to a ladies 12 with a DD bust and hips.From there i slowly ballooned up. This is a ramble… Continue reading Learning to Love Me

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Career Highlights

So it’s “Fun Friday” and I am going to use a suggestion from one of my gorgeous followers. What are some of your career highlights or proudest moments? I have had a LONG career in this industry and I am proud of most of it. Hopefully I still have a good 10-20 years in me,… Continue reading Career Highlights