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Q& A

1 The legalities. Is it legal in Australia? What do you put down as 'occupation'? How does tax work? What a complex question. I have done a blog on this you can check that out HERE. For tax information it’s best to chat to your accountant, or your local sex worker organisation. I personally declare… Continue reading Q& A

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Sex Work and the Law

So is it legal? A question I get A LOT! This blog will cover the current legislation in WA and briefly touch on the other Australian states, I will also have a quick look at the general legislative models that are applied. Please understand that my word is not gospel. The following is what i… Continue reading Sex Work and the Law

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Pop Culture Whorephobia

So let’s chat about how Sex Work is represented in pop culture. I am talking about those television shows that glorify the industry and the harmful stigma reinforcing jokes made in mainstream pop culture and media. So let’s start with shows like ‘The Girlfriend Experience’, ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl’ ‘The Client List’ and… Continue reading Pop Culture Whorephobia

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“What is it like to be an escort in Perth?”

Attention Heidi Anderson.... 92.9 Interview “What it’s like to be an escort in Perth”   The original article I am responding to was posted on Perth Now here I was approached to do  this interview, I took far too long to respond and they spoke to ‘Jeremy’ instead. Now, after reading this article as it… Continue reading “What is it like to be an escort in Perth?”