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Q& A

1 The legalities. Is it legal in Australia? What do you put down as ‘occupation’? How does tax work?

What a complex question. I have done a blog on this you can check that out HERE. For tax information it’s best to chat to your accountant, or your local sex worker organisation. I personally declare as a sex worker and previously as an adult entertainer.


2 What attracted you to the industry?

Money! Freedom! Flexibility! Sex! Pretty Clothes! Make-up! Confidence! Money!

3 Were you just as, if not more, exploratory before this career path? – sexually

I was pretty exploratory prior to my career. But I started young, which means I had limited experience. So I think I have become more exploratory since I have started. I am also the type to try anything once (within reason, I shouldn’t say anything). So I think I would have become this adventurous with or without sexwork.

4 What are your favourite things to do, positions, and things to use? – sexually

Fetishes! Anything inventive.
Seeing disabled clients is highly rewarding.
I love the weird and crazy things. I like humiliating people. I love crossdressing clients.
My favourite position is doggy, I find it enjoyable and easy. I love using toys.

5 Has being a sex worker helped you discover knew turn ons and kinks etc that you didn’t know you had before?

YES!!! I have tried so many things that i may not of been able to. I have discovered so many things about myself, both sexually and personally. I  discovered my submissive side, which is something I doubted the existence of. I like control and trusting my partner as I do i have been able to give some of that up.

-Have you inspired anyone to follow a similar/the same career path?

I didn’t put this in the video. I can’t answer this for legal reasons. But I am a firm believer in that any sex worker chooses the job and only they can make that decision.

6 Is there a certain type of person who usually works in this area of expertise?

Nope! We are an incredibly diverse bunch.

7 Did you ever have to practice anything or train yourself for anything before committing to doing it with a client?

YES! Especially with BDSM, dance, fetish and more. I like to ensure I can perform a service before I charge for it.

8 What is the best, and worst, part of the job?

There is so much I love about the work, the freedom, flexibility and the fact I am my own boss. The money (though unstable and erratic at times) is a bonus. The confidence I have gained and the people I have met both clients and worker.
The worst part is the stigma and discrimination we face as sx workers. THe judgment we face if we come out and in reverse the living the double life, maintaining secrets, lies and hiding a huge part of yourself to avoid that stigma.

9  Did you start sex-working because you “wanted to” or because you “had to”? (No shade on this one – I have read your blog before and would love to see your take on why women and men begin sex work when they don’t have to. The stigma is that it is only done out of desperation.)
Oh Honey I wanted to. I could ramble about this for ages. I have done it because I have to previously and I felt more judged in a way. Like “Why aren’t you smart enough to live without being a sx worker?” But I think people could understand more. I needed money, I had few options so they accepted that I was doing what I had to do.
When i choose to do it, (like now) I get mixed reactions. Like Oh okay…. But why? WHy don’t you study/work in retail/get a real job? Or I get that’s cool.

It’s such a mixed bag of reactions and both forms of work face different and the same stigma, discrimination and frowny faced looks.

10 What is your favourite tool-of-the-trade?

Hand sanitiser.
My Breasts.
You can check out a glimpse at my tour kitty here

11 Have you had any run ins with wives or girlfriends of customers?

Nope. I have been very Lucky!!!

12 Have you ever covered how your partner handles you being a sex worker? And the client limits? (Like no kissing or whatever)

No. But she is working on a blog for me. Send me any questions you have for her!
She is very accepting. We have very open communication and discuss everything.

13 do you become sexually aroused from your work? is it pleasurable or just another task for you?
Depends on the day of the week, where in my cycle I am and my client. But yes I can really enjoy it. Other times i am planning my shopping lists.



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