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Career Highlights

So it’s “Fun Friday” and I am going to use a suggestion from one of my gorgeous followers.

What are some of your career highlights or proudest moments?

I have had a LONG career in this industry and I am proud of most of it. Hopefully I still have a good 10-20 years in me, so hopefully I have some good years left too. In my time I have encountered many strange, wonderful, uplifting, frightening and downright bizarre things.

Things I am proud of

Going Independent and working for myself.
Managing my business, my blog, my education, my secondary business all quite well (most weeks)
Helping my clients discover their sexual desires and fantasies.
My fetish training and my first solo pro-domme booking
The relationship i have with my partner. Coming out to her.
The friendships I have made.
The workers I have helped.
The workshops I have presented.
The depressed clients I have worked with. Talking through their darkest thoughts, feelings and desires. Helping the them find a moment of peace and joy.
The insecure clients I have helped to boost their confidence.
The couples I have added some spice into their relationships.
The young country town client who came out as queer identifying and over the last few years I have helped them come to terms with their sexuality and preferences.
A friend’s client who overdosed in the spa, that due to the quick action of her, myself and a few others he made a quick and full recovery.
The girl I helped leave the industry and find her true bliss.
The clients who are differently abled. That I customise my service to perfect it to their needs. The joy this creates for them!
The work I have done campaigning for People For Sex Worker Rights in WA. The public speaking, the rallies, the peer support and much much more. Advocating for a safer and decriminalised industry is something near and dear to my heart.
The first time I made a thousand dollars in one day.
The first $3000 tour I completed.
Paying off all my debt.
Purchasing my first car.
Paying my bills on time.
This blog.
The people I have helped with this blog.
The peer support I have provided.
Focussing on my mental health and learning to work within my limitations.
Discovering that sex work was beneficial to my mental health.
Being completely happy and comfortable in my skin.

I have had countless moments that make me smile. Each time I help a client open up, whether it’s discovering their sexual fantasies, being honest, communicating their stresses I am proud. When I see a worker find her feet in the industry, or help them with an issue they have I am proud. Each time I get an email from one of you saying thank you, asking questions, calling me an inspiration I am prouder than ever.

I have a lot of proud moments in this industry. I am a sex worker. I am proud. I am fierce. I am powerful. Sex work is skilled work.


6 thoughts on “Career Highlights

      1. You are so amazing. All this is what I want out of my career too. Apart from the OD bit. 🙂


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