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Career Highlights

So it’s “Fun Friday” and I am going to use a suggestion from one of my gorgeous followers. What are some of your career highlights or proudest moments? I have had a LONG career in this industry and I am proud of most of it. Hopefully I still have a good 10-20 years in me,… Continue reading Career Highlights

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Common Questions

So many apologies for missing Wednesday, I have had such a chaotic week with real life stuffs I wasn’t able to write. Today I am doing a question and answer blog. Things I get asked often and the answers to them. “Do, like, your family know?” Yes they do, they love me and accept that… Continue reading Common Questions

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Tax Time

Today I’m covering how I manage my expenses, income and money in general. The 2016 Financial year is upon us and I like to be organised. So these are the things I do. Now I do my own taxes and I like to be super organised. So what works for me may not work for… Continue reading Tax Time