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Pop Culture Whorephobia

So let’s chat about how Sex Work is represented in pop culture. I am talking about those television shows that glorify the industry and the harmful stigma reinforcing jokes made in mainstream pop culture and media. So let’s start with shows like ‘The Girlfriend Experience’, ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl’ ‘The Client List’ and… Continue reading Pop Culture Whorephobia

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My first BDSM booking

My first BDSM Booking I had always been fascinated by the psychology behind BDSM. When I was offered the opportunity to partake in a BDSM booking I was an eager beaver! P was a regular of Miss A’s. He was into cock worship, cock and ball torture and restraining. We tied naked him to the bed, in… Continue reading My first BDSM booking

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Forgetting Clients

Now this may just be me, but it’s a comment I have heard from a lot of workers. We don’t remember every client. I am lucky if i can remember a client I saw an hour ago, let alone 3 years ago. There are a few types of clients that stay with you. Then there… Continue reading Forgetting Clients

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Easy Work? Hardly

“But your jobs so easy!” "I would love to work as little as you do" "But if you don't have work today how can you be busy" This is something i hear A LOT. Once people realise what I do there are two assumptions they make - I’m lazy and I work very little for… Continue reading Easy Work? Hardly


Find Your Sexy

Finding your sexy “How do you get the confidence to be naked with stranger?” is a question I get asked very often. To make this blog short and sweet… I fake it! But since that isn’t enough of an answer for most I am going to share some of my top tips. But first some… Continue reading Find Your Sexy

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Vodka & Valium

Vodka and Valium My mental health story. **TRIGGER WARNING** This post contains references to self harm, suicide attempts, eating disorders, whorephobia and other sensitive subject matter. This is a ridiculously personal post. A snapshot into my mental health andsex work. I know its not tales of tying a man to a hills hoist, but it’s… Continue reading Vodka & Valium

My Sex Work Life

Straight for Pay

Straight for Pay This is a VERY personal blog. This issue will be different for everybody. If you're only just joining us, I am a cis-female who identifies as a lesbian. I have been in a committed monogamous relationship with a female partner for 5+ years. I thought i would answer some of the questions… Continue reading Straight for Pay