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“What is it like to be an escort in Perth?”

Attention Heidi Anderson.... 92.9 Interview “What it’s like to be an escort in Perth”   The original article I am responding to was posted on Perth Now here I was approached to do  this interview, I took far too long to respond and they spoke to ‘Jeremy’ instead. Now, after reading this article as it… Continue reading “What is it like to be an escort in Perth?”

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Decriminalise Sex Work

With Amnesty International releasing their policy supporting the decriminalisation of Sex Work yesterday I thought I should get a little serious and talk about decriminalisation.

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Things Not to Ask a Sex Worker

Things Not to Ask a Sex Worker A short Monday post to share some things to NOT ask a sex worker. I mean you can, I have heard ALL of these and I am happy to talk about everything. But as a general rule if someone trusts you enough to come out as a sex… Continue reading Things Not to Ask a Sex Worker


My Kit…

What is in my kit? Condoms- Everyone has their own preference. Personally I like Ansell’s Contempo Nuda for my regular sized condoms, they are thin and have a pink colour, which is great for if your concerned about spotting. I use Glyde for my other sizes, Slimfit (small), Maxi (large) and SuperMax (extra-large). While glyde… Continue reading My Kit…


A Day in my Life…

A Day in my Life… There is no usual pattern to my days. I often have real world commitments and plans. I work fluctuating hours in Perth. However, I do visit regional towns regularly where I am in work mode from the moment I wake to the moment I sleep. I thought I would share… Continue reading A Day in my Life…